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Which is more advantageous: Diesel or petrol?

Which is more advantageous: Diesel or petrol?


Which is more advantageous: Diesel or petrol?

Diesel or gasoline? It is still being debated as one of the trend questions of recent years. Then let's take a look at this. 
Turkey is among the countries that use the world's most expensive fuel. From this point of view, it is important to give importance to fuel saving and to stand on this issue in a persistent way. 
The first question that comes to mind before buying a vehicle is that diesel vehicles or gasoline vehicles are more advantageous. Diesel vehicles in the vehicle market are more expensive at 10% -20% levels than gasoline vehicles. Moreover, the maintenance costs of diesel vehicles are higher. Because diesel-powered vehicles have a higher technology.

Periodic maintenance costs higher


The periodic maintenance costs of diesel-engined vehicles are higher than those for gasoline-powered vehicles. The pricing varies depending on the brand and model of the vehicles. 
There are more than one factor for high maintenance costs. In particular, the frequency in care causes an increase in costs. For a gasoline vehicle, maintenance is required at 20 thousand kilometers, while in diesel vehicles this level can reach up to 15 thousand kilometers. 
When considering the maintenance costs of a diesel-engined vehicle, gasoline vehicles are therefore one step ahead.


Diesel vehicles to save fuel are one step ahead


Diesel vehicles, according to gasoline vehicles, can be considered as a fuel boom. This makes diesel vehicles one step ahead. 
High-tech diesel vehicles are equipped with a system that minimizes fuel use. In the coming years, more successful projects can be introduced in terms of fuel savings.


Diesel vehicles in the second hand market are more advantageous


Are you looking for a tool that you can sell more comfortably in the future if you buy? So keep in mind that diesel vehicles are more convenient in this regard. 
Diesel vehicles are known to be ahead of the second-hand market. Diesel vehicles with less demand in the market, with high demand rates, can therefore be disposed of in a shorter period of time and easily.