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    Branch 2:İsmet inönü bulvarı/Gazimağusa-K.K.T.C

Rental Terms

General rules on rental and frequently asked questions.

How much is the rental period?

At least 3 day. Special rates apply for monthly or annual rentals.

How to Pay and Deposit?

In the delivery of the vehicle, the total amount of the rent is determined by the Credit Card and the appropriate provision for the rented classes is collected.


Prices include lubrication, maintenance, and third-party (within legal policy limits) casco. 18% VAT (VAT) is included. The fuel belongs to the lessor. 

Traffic Fines

The traffic fines after renting the car belong to the customer. Even if these penalties are notified to the company later, the customer is personally liable for all traffic fines in the leasing period. Our vehicles cannot be taken abroad.