Bogaz Region Of North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is like the land that has forgotten time. The locals are extremely friendly and it is unspoilt, sleepy, unhurried and beautiful – rather like the Spain of 30 years ago and Bogaz is no exception.

Map showing Bogaz
Bogaz Fishing Harbour

Bogaz is a beautiful sleepy fishing village on the southern edge of the Karpas peninsula with a small population of approximately 6800 people . Fishing boats sail in and out of the harbour all day and the day's catch is sold on the quayside to the local restaurant owners and locals hence there are several good fish tavernas from which to choose between many offering the catch of the day. There are also several bars, supermarket and shops

There are a number of lovely sandy beach here and all along the coastline going up to Famagusta . Bafra beach, just outside Bogaz, is one of the best beaches without a sign of a hotel and hardly of any houses.

Bogaz is well situated to explore the area as it is only a few miles north of Iskele and 25km north of Famagusta and is on the edge of the Karpas.

Bogaz is amazingly cheap with excellent fresh, cheap food and drink both being less than half the price in the UK e.g. half litre of beer costs around 70p and a bottle of whisky around £2.50.

Salamis RuinsAt the tip of the panhandle is Turtle Beach which is 3 miles of golden sandy beaches leading to crystal clear water. It is only open between 9am and 5pm during the Summer months as the turtles come ashore at night to lay their eggs. It is strictly guarded by the conservationists but supervised overnight stays can be booked so you can watch them.

There is ancient historical sites and architecture to see throughout Northern Cyprus and to name just a couple around Bogaz are:

Strongylos Castle – the foundations of a Byzantine watchtower enlarged by the Knights Templar in the 12 th century is about 5km to the east.

The Salamis Ruins - 12th century BC and approximately six miles from Famagusta